Emergency Storm Shelter Operations

Emergency Storm Shelter

In the event of a weather event creating a major power outage in the Charlestown area, the Arts and Enrichment Center is available to open as a generator-powered emergency shelter, with support from other local agencies. Please call 502-523-3650 or 502-297-4390 to open the facility. 

The Arts and Enrichment Center is located at:
999 Water Street
Charlestown, IN 47111

We will make every effort to accommodate anyone in need of assistance or find an alternative location if necessary.

Social Media

Monitor the City of Charlestown’s Facebook page and Twitter account for real-time updates regarding winter storm shelter activation. For those without social media, you may also contact Mayor Hodges by phone or text at 502-297-4390 to check on the status of Charlestown's emergency shelter operations.

Plan Ahead

Stay safe and plan ahead - stock up ahead of the storm, refill any needed prescriptions or medical supplies, keep your devices charged, have flashlights, batteries and extra blankets ready, as well as extra food and water. Roads may become impassable and our area may experience power outages – do what you can before the storm to be prepared to weather these conditions. For additional information regarding winter weather preparedness, visit the Ready.gov website.

Put a plan in place to check on your vulnerable family members and neighbors. If you are from out of town and have an elderly or medically compromised family member in the area you are concerned about or unable to reach, or if you are a Dialysis or Chemotherapy patient and your appointment has not been canceled but you’re unable to get out, you are welcome to contact us - we’ll connect you with a ride or resource if at all possible. Please email the Mayor or call 502-297-4390 and we’ll do what we can to help.