City Clerk-Treasurer

City Clerk Office Staff Photo

The City of Charlestown Clerk-Treasurer staff is, top row, from left, Deborah Miles, Donna Coomer, and Dorothea Gomez; bottom row, Nancy Rogers, Robin Hebner, and Heather Schrimp.


The Clerk-Treasurer is an elected position serving four year terms. The current position is held by Donna Coomer.

A Message from the Clerk-Treasurer - Donna Coomer

It is truly an honor to have been elected to serve the City of Charlestown as Clerk-Treasurer.

Over the past years I have been asked many times, "What exactly does the Clerk-Treasurer's office do?" My general response has been to point out that most of the responsibilities of the office of the Clerk-Treasurer are governed by guidelines laid out by the Department of Local Government Finance and the State Board of Accounts.

The Treasurer acts as the financial office of the City of Charlestown, which means we are responsible for the accounting and financial affairs of the city. This includes: managing and monitoring the city funds and investments, producing annual budgets, processing payroll, and maintaining accounts payable and receivable.

The role of the Clerk is to maintain the ongoing records of the City. Those can include documenting the minutes for all public meetings as well as keeping track of the paperwork created in the day to day running of the City of Charlestown. These can include everything from contracts, agreements, and bid information for the Board of Works. Financial documents for City Redevelopment Commission. Record keeping of Resolutions and Ordinances approved by City Council. Tracking capital assets, providing citizens open access to their public records, overseeing daily internal controls for all city employees, administrators and the boards as defined by state statute.

No two days are ever the same and the diversity of the many duties and responsibilities of this office most certainly keep myself and staff on our toes each and every day.

On behalf of myself and my staff, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Clerk-Treasurer.

- Donna Coomer

Mission Statement from the Clerk-Treasurer and Staff

Our mission is to provide prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, accurate information to all citizens.

We will do the following to accomplish our mission:

  • We will keep ourselves well-informed about changes in federal and state laws and local ordinances
  • We will avail ourselves of educational opportunities when appropriate
  • We will direct our customers to better resources if we are unable to fulfill their requests
  • We will be as open and communicative as possible without violating confidentialities or making inappropriate disclosures
  • We will practice the highest ethical standards, meaning we will be fair and honest in all of our dealings
  • We will not offer legal advice or interpret laws, ordinances, or codes for our customers as we are not a law office and it would be inappropriate to do so
  • We will do our best to work with other departments to be sure accurate and important information is given to the public as quickly as possible
  • To be a good public servant